scogli di zinco

Scogli di Zinco, 2015. Inkjet print on baryta paper, aluminum and d-bond, 43 x 64 cm


Uscirono notturni

Uscirono notturni, 2014. Inkjet print on aluminum and d-bond, iron, wood, variable dimensions, photo print 57 x 85 cm. Featuring Rebecca Moccia


tempo neutro

Tempo neutro, 2014. Dark-box, 43 x 64 cm


Foresta umbra

Foresta umbra, 2014. Inkjet print on cotton paper and black frame cassette, 42 x 62 cm


Aria buia #2

Aria buia #2, 2014. Inkjet print on cotton paper, dibond and black frame cassette, 53 x 78 cm


Senza titolo

Untitled, 2015. Inkjet print on cotton paper, dibond and black frame cassette, 40 x 60 cm


taciturna pianta

Taciturna pianta, 2014. Inkjet print on cotton paper, 200 x 112 cm





The night, meant as container of suggestions, reveals through the moonlight or the night itself, a dark and apparently lifeless world, pulling out a deeper quality from the framed image: a synthetic form of the look. The black holes present on this work series need a long time and a slow fruition to get the eyes used to gradual details revealing. Doing so, within the phisical boundaries of the picture, literary and cinematographic citations overlap with each other. In the formal completeness of the image, their inner meaning is suspended, throwing any narrative purpose out of the vision, returning to the viewer the freedom to choose whether interpreting or enjoying them in their shining meaningless. In these “no-places” scenes it emerges the intention to go beyond the visible, and yet staying tied the reality through tangible references.



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