Bosco con animali esotici (Wood of exotic animals), 2018. Inkjet print on cotton paper and dibond, 95 x 143 cm


Wood with exotic animals, 16th century. Flemish tapestry, Hall of the Magnificent, National Gallery of Marche, Urbino (IT)



Inspired by the 16th century Flemish tapestry Forest of Exotic Animals – located in the Great Hall of the National Gallery of Marche – the scene is created through the symbolic action of placing into the lands of Montefeltro Urbinate, the likeliness of animals photographed at the Natural History Museum in Milan. The surreal image immediately creates a bridge with the dreamlike scene of the original tapestry, to the point of claiming its namesake’s title. The “photo-tapestry” immediately reveals the scheme through the white contours of the silhouettes without necessarily wanting to recount a story but indeed trying to evoke the possibility of other worlds.

© 2015