Dawn on a dark sublime

Installation view: on the floor Dawn On A Dark Sublime, 2015. Photographic emulsion on insulated styrofoam; on the right Orecchio di Dionisio, 2015. Video, 8’.14’


Jules Verne, 2015. Inkjet print on acetate 150 x 100 cm, iron, neon, environmental dimensions


Installation view

Installation view.

Exhibition view Dawn on a dark sublime, 2015, A plus A Gallery, Venice (IT)



This research brings together the historical thought and sublime concepts of nature through a subject that has never been in the center of an artistic research before: foibe.
I photographed and documented these vertical caves, chasms, large sinkholes in Istria and Karst – the photographs as well as sculptures, videos and sound installations convey to the visitor a double sublime suggestion: not only the magnificence of depicted nature that affects the perception, but also of the historical connotation.
The foibe tell the history of Europe in the 20th century, and also a story of nature and geology spanning millennia and of a number of literary, psychological, theological, mythological and aesthetic impressions.
The title is a reference to memory, to the process of remembering, to casting light on a nocturnal subject through artistic research – Dawn is in fact the dawning that gradually leads to light.

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