Exhibition view: Tre Notturni, 2018. Spazio K – Palazzo Ducale di Urbino



The room is transformed with a site-specific intervention that alters perception, involving the visitor in the physical experience of an environment through the creation of a nocturnal scene that evokes innumerable interpretations and associations.
Starting from the work St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata, of Federico Barocci, – kept at the National Gallery of Marche – I have developed an image poised between abstraction and reality where nocturne, the common thread of my research, becomes a way to re-read the past and translate it into a seemingly suspended and timeless dimension.
In the dark of the night, where the uncertainty of sight reigns, one perceives an omen of infinity and experiences immersion in the mystery, in the sacredness of nature and in its shadowed parts.

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