Riverside, 2018. Inkjet print on cotton paper and dibond, 30 x 45 cm


Lungofiume – Riverfront


Plants recovered along the Cosenza river for the construction of a fictitious natural environment within the studio. The result is a nocturne, an evocative and ambiguous image, where the bursting forth of the vegetation becomes even more luxuriant when it bends towards the artifice. Producing this piece of work was a bit like enclosing a spectrum of sensations, both visual and perceptive, to play with two contrasted forces such as light and darkness, history and nature, society and solitude. It was like creating a small landscape, a sort of diorama in a glass ampoule: fascinating for the eye (which observes it through a photograph and, therefore, through a second glass), but theatrical with respect to the vegetation. The resulting disorientation alters the initial and final idea of ​​the image and causes only the emergence of a cultural phenomenon, a staging.