O som da àgua

Madrugada, 2016. Video, 5'18"
Madrugada, 2016. Video, 5’18”
Compilation, 2016. Video 2'11"
Compilation, 2016. Video 2’11”



At the beginning of the century the Italian immigration involved several areas of Brazil, one of these was also the Amazonia. The idea of my journey aimed to retrace the experience of a discovery that has still the same feeling of a century ago. The discovery of a world and remote cultures, which bring with themselves roots diversely contaminated but that keep the original enchantment of places without time. Recorded in the reserve of Xixuau in the Amazon, the video resumes a fragment of everyday life that narrate a seemingly pristine time, but what you hear from the swaying hammock, are songs belonging to Western pop culture. In the heart of the Amazon, the Cabocla community brings the marks of a very complex story, which sees the West like protagonist of deprivation and contamination against of native civilizations. The caboclos are the result of this story and all the influence still exercised today.



The early morning in the Amazon, a time simultaneously real and unknown. A concrete experience that retains the same dimension of centuries ago, when even Gregorio Ronca, frigate captain of the Italian Navy undertook a long journey to the Amazon, on behalf of King Vittorio Emanuele III.
The journey involved deep emotions dozed off by the power of that nature: “those natural magnificence always inspired in me a sense of admiration mixed with a feeling of pride for the security that, in a near future, men would have shaped that rebellious nature to its needs…”

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My research develops through the stratification of elements drawn from history and literature, social and cultural symbols evoking a sense of unreality, suspended between mystery and marginality.

Through photography and the installation, I return to the image the suggestions and the experiences lived, telling of primarily nocturnal worlds that generate a sort of temporal suspension and, at the same time, conceal new forms of truth.





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