Still Night

Star dive, 2018. Light-box, 37 x 25 cm
Star dive, 2018. Light-box, 37 x 25 cm
Lying with brooms, 2018. Light-box, 40x50
Lying with brooms, 2018. Light-box, 40×50
Moon rain, 2018. Light-box, 37 x 25 cm
Moon rain, 2018. Light-box, 37 x 25 cm

2018 – Ongoing


Still nights it’s a series of dark-boxes that give back a night light then rather weak than that of light-boxes.
As in a still-life, the image is created by many elements that combine as such as an invisible collage of natural fragments taken either from my photographic archive, or, in some cases, an action created at the time of shooting.
This project is based on the poetic imagery creation inspired by the “night time” literary world where two dimensions coexist: one apparently concrete opposite to a more visionary.
A different scenario, almost post-human yet featuring sort of that romance.

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My research develops through the stratification of elements drawn from history and literature, social and cultural symbols evoking a sense of unreality, suspended between mystery and marginality.

Through photography and the installation, I return to the image the suggestions and the experiences lived, telling of primarily nocturnal worlds that generate a sort of temporal suspension and, at the same time, conceal new forms of truth.





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